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Experts in the supply of EPC piping packages.


Front End Engineering & Design Piping Support

We at Mantis Piping believe in early engagement with clients. Executing FEED studies for projects is critical to anticipating and understanding potential challenges regarding the pipe, fittings, flanges, and other piping components required.

Material management


Storage and on-site receiving and support

Power station

Transportation Services

Mantis Piping has partnerships with some of the most trusted domestic and international freight and logistics companies. We ship product by sea, air, truck, rail, or any other method required to ensure materials are delivered safely and on time.


Trusted partners



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Your inventory, managed and optimized by us

Mantis Piping will stock specific project inventory to your specifications and other requirements. Our VMI software allows all parties to view current inventory, min-max levels, and pricing, with a dedicated Mantis Piping representative available for support.

Off-site and on-site VMI services

Proprietary VMI software

Dedicated VMI personnel


Mantis Piping considers this the most critical aspect of supplying pipe, fittings, and flanges. We focus on quality: perfect execution is our goal. Our carefully crafted contract, expediting, reporting, inspection, packing, and quality procedures are built around our clients' stringent expectations. Flexibility is essential to our clients and is just as important to us. Therefore, we determine any additional requirements or procedures before PO placement.

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